We are a mixed a cappella group from The College of William & Mary, established in 2015. We aim to represent the vocal talents of our school on a national stage and to give students the opportunity to engage in positive competition with talented groups from other schools. Though we enjoy singing lots of different types of music, we found our niche in lesser-known songs that allow space for creative arrangements. The lack of audience expectation allows us to craft our selections into a dynamic set, and we strive to complement our music with equally unique choreography.


Persistence is at the core of our identity. Founded as an unofficial group, No Ceiling prepared its 2016 ICCA set at odd hours in vacant classrooms, stairwells, and even the living rooms of generous hosts. The 15 music-loving students went through the difficult process of earning recognition from William & Mary, and each subsequent achievement further proved the group’s perseverance. Since becoming an official organization on campus, we continue to persist in the face of heavy workloads and busy schedules, and continue to push ourselves in order to be the best that we can be.


Beyond the competitive aspect, we are a group of close friends who enjoy spending time together. We love long road trips, group dinners, and late nights jamming to our favorite tunes. We like to think that our closeness as friends makes us stronger performers, and we strive to convey that connection each time the pitch pipe is blown. As we say after each rehearsal: No Ceiling, lots of feeling.



ICCA South Quarterfinal Runner Up


ICCA South Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA South Quarterfinal Outstanding Soloist, Jordan Gilliard '18 for "Midnight River"

ICCA South Semifinal Outstanding Choreography, Grayson Kilgo '17 for the entire set


ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Runner Up

ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Outstanding Choreography, Keira McCarthy '19 for the entire set

ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Outstanding Soloist, Maya Ravindran '18 for "You Should Know Where I'm Coming From"

ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semifinal Outstanding Arrangement, Will Wolz '18 for "You Should Know Where I'm Coming From"

CNU Blue Tie Affair Champions


ICCA South Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA South Semifinal Outstanding Choreography, Elizabeth Flatt '20 for the entire set

ICCA South Quartefinal Outstanding Choreography, Elizabeth Flatt '20 for the entire set


ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Champion

ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal Outstanding Percussion, Oliver Gainer '20 for the entire set

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